Pictures from an Exhibition

Evening at Stonehenge (Image by N Back Chamness)
UCA Canterbury School of Architecture: LT Ranch Stonehenge exhibition 15 Nov-->
'Natural, Handmade and Fabricated' Tianyue Wang
'Roof' Declan Ralph & Emiliano Zevala
'The importance of unseen moments' Faezah Fathi
'Territories' Helen Brewer
'Sound-Space Relation' Yang Liu
'Process by Design' Alison Lloyd, Jiri Hanzlik
'The Adventurer' Nathan Back-Chamness
'The Ghost Man in the Ghost Barn' Richard Ford
'The Secret Box' Lu Peng
'Sitting' (chatting bench) Wei Wu
'Smoke Oven' Yvonne Onah
image by Declan Ralph, text by Annemarie Piscaer