Summer Residencies 2023 an Exhibition UCA- Ranch [reboot]

We opened on Friday with a small gathering some excepts from this summer's reboot residency session. We launched the draft of the annual catalogue as well. Once we have all the grammar ironed out, we will post the link here. If there is anyone interested in a hard copy of this eventual publication or others please get in touch. The handheld version work nicely.

All accolades go to the Ranchers of 2023, their help and perseverance for the exhibition but mostly to withstand the weather, the unknowns and respond to the on site time with grace, grit and care while developing and making their ideas, helping each other out, cooking and experimenting with this cocktail under the Ranch sky.

Diya Seepaul

Dom Chu

Fay Fathi

Jeffrey Adjei

Tanchho Lawati

Zain Azhar

& myself Kristina Kotov

With Jon Shmulevich (online in London) and the inhabitants of Stučių hamlet.

Royal Academy selection- Taking the Barn for a Walk

Gabor Stark and I were short listed for the Royal Academy Summer Show event a few weeks back. We packaged up the little Barnies carefully, Gabor taking much care with the box, myself thinking we needed much more bubblewrap and string but in the end we had a nice package with clear instructions and the required Green label. We dutifully delivered the little Barnies to the Royal Academy from Canterbury via Green Street in East London.

The annual exhibition, running without interruption since 1769, features work by leading artists, Royal Academicians, and household names as well as new and emerging talent. Anyone can submit their work and, if their work is selected by the RA's panel of artists, goes on display at the Main Galleries. This year, the Architecture Room is curated by architect Peter Barber RA, and focuses on the role of the making and the hand-made in the design process. 

‘Taking the Barn for a Walk’ began back in 2014 as a conversation between Gabor and myself, Kristina Kotov. As part of the 'Ghost of Barn 2b' project (scan-archived with ScanLAB Ltd) I prepared the barn to be moved – labelling, dis-mantling, assessing timbers, moving and re-assembling it in a safer location on the Ranch site – and migrated three 2m-long purlins as corpses (unusable for re-assembly) to the UK. Gabor's timber piece sat under his desk in Canterbury for some 8 years until last summer. 

“Since 2014, the plan has always been to carve the drifting piece of wood into little barns, to mount them on spindly legs, to repatriate the seemingly walking creatures, and to let them roam through their indigenous landscape again. As it turned out, taking a barn for a walk takes much longer than you think.” 

Gabor's blog and extended writing is here:
The Ranch catalogues on ISSUU Ranch20 Part 1 and Ranch 22Part 2 contain Gabor's specific text and images as well as each year's collective moments with further installs and writings. 

The exhibition opens on 12 June 2023
Burlington House, Piccadilly
London W1J 0BD
12 June- 20 August 2023

Peter Barber's curation is further explained here. If anyone is around please stop by.

ISSUU publications*

UPDATE: We have happily managed to secure a discount with ISSUU to reinstate the access to our online publications. 2023 May 6th

The next small thing to resolve is writing text rather than html for updates here in this blog.

Watch this space. 

Meanwhile our Instagram and Facebook (social) page is still working as far as we know.

We are often silent but on occasion have bursts of content, this is our normal state.

Thanks again for your patience.

The Ranch community

Ranch residencies 2022- the Part 2 publication

 Here it is, the publication of our collective endeavours from this past summer Part 2

This issue has a dust sleeve for the published versions. 

Thank you to UCA School of Architecture for this first print run. For printed orders please refer to the Blurb link here.

Ranch Session Residencies Part 2_2022

we anticipated for 2 years this visit in physical time - our Part 2 in 2022



we received

we listened again

we observed alchemical changing of light - locations of intensity conjuring unearthly beauty, delights of relics - so often mentioned this year - of time when we could gather, merging past and present*

measured and marked, weaving 

    from this light, colour, sound

some danced, immersed in synched coincidence, in a frequency of a small orchestra of strings

experimenting with rainbow pigments - we re'marked

mapped in memory of the photograph: washed, rained and diluted

we made space for ourselves in this meadowed landscape, small rooms, moments

we played as a kind of resistance**

*title of Annemarie Piscaer's temporary wall

**grabbed from the back cover of Rebecca Solnit's 'Orwell's Roses'

...Kristina Kotov 2022

Thank you to everyone who travelled and supported from near & further away, encouraging this residency session to occur especially:

2022_ ranch residencies participants Part 2*:

Annemarie Piscaer

Charissa Turner

Dimitra Voutsi

Diya Seepaul

Faezeh Fathi

Jeffrey Adjei

Jon Shmulevitch

Kristina Kotov

Maegan Icke

Nicola Tsioupra

inhabitants of Stučių kaimas


Chris Daniel

Declan Ralph

Niall Healy

Rachel Jones

Tanchho Lawati

The Ranch 2021 Exhibition - Film


It's been some time since our last post. Our Covid inspired 1 room exhibition last summer was lovely to do as a precursor and meanwhile Part 2 to our remote session back in 2020.

We tentatively hoped to travel this year in the Spring, several events overtaking our decision to travel - to hold our position and wait to see what summer may bring.

Looking back in January while preparing for our UCA School of Architecture MultiStorey Lecture series- Staff Research Part 2 thoughts and ideas re-appeared as memories of the title of the 2020 session ' Rituals of anticipation' whatever that may entail. The film had a launch of sorts that evening. 

This version is a slightly edited version. The soundtrack is a collaboration with Gabor Stark from the 2020 Part 1 remote sessions 'Coda to a Lithuanian Landscape'.

This FILM may be still edited but it's time to let it go - again. There is much to add, films to include, anecdotes and stories yet to share.

Thank you again to Daiva for her continuous film take & lone Ranch 21 Participant and curator. 

The Show, Tauragnai, Lithuania

This exhibition became a restrospective opportunity as well as the long awaited Ranch 20 moment.

It's on for another few weeks, if anyone is in the neigbourhood.

So many thank yous to Daiva Kviklyte-Cebyliene, the Museum's caretaker, curator, Inga Motiejūniene, Antanas Budvytis for his translation of various texts, Nijole Šuminiene (librarian and invigilator), Stučių km. inhabitants, Ranch protagonists, friends & family for this moment.

More images to follow shortly.


the Pirate, Nathan Back-Chamness LTRSS2015

In wondering how to progress or mark this years summer, restrictions on travel from various starting positions and destination, we are taking a break from a weekly event to run a few developing sessions. We started with one conversation the 25th July, with various updates and introductions followed by the 15th Aug.

We are kindly able to show last years catalogue with some artefacts at the Tauragnu Regional Museum with generous curatorial input from Daiva & Inga (artefacts and matter), Stasys, Gabor and other Ranch protagonists. 

Meanwhile, I feverishly(sic) work with the landscape uncovering last year's works during our online/on site collaboration, checking up on the cherry tree (Charissa), Meg's 'tylweth teg' (those I have found so far), sonic landscapes, Rachel's 'Space Garden', and other landscape moments which exist as thoughts and memories within the pages of the 2020 catalogue and update of the X Ranch compilation. Lovely to catch up with everyone from various years of summer session as well as projects and meanwhile moments. Look forward to seeing everyone plus apologies on the 15th Aug.

left to right: Kristina: Stučiai, LT
Niall Healy, Charissa Turner, 
Nicola Tsioupra: UK
Nattanit Egsangul, Bankgok
Jeffrey Adjei, Lagos
Annemarie Piscaer, Rotterdam
Diya Seepaul, Slough
Chayada Dissataporn, London

This Year's - 2020 - Session, residency and remote collaborations - the publication

Our #Ranch20 Publication is ready. A session from varied remote regions in dialogue with the Ranch. This is our Part 1.

We will have a Part 2 in the spring, hopefully on location with a few more local participants.

Thank you to all participants, the extended Ranch Community, Stučiai et al. for this year's extraordinary series of conversations, events & moments, exchanges, experimentations and perseverance.