Ranch Community Portrait UAL MA ISD 2019

Dan van Orsouw, Jeffrey Adjei, Fay Fathi, Nathan Back-Chamness, Chayada Dissataporn, Kristina Kotov, Nattanit Eksangul, Kejun Cojoy Liu, Niall Healy, Owain Caruana-Davies, Aaron McPeake + (I'm sorry we weren't introduced)
This is a somewhat incomplete, but a nice community portrait of various years of the Ranch Participants, supporters in kind and gesture from the opening evening of the UAL MA ISD Summer Show were we kindly were offered a space to show the Summer Session's moments in image, draft catalogue.
Thank you to everyone + UAL and UCA Canterbury School of Architecture ++. Good to gather.

The show continues until the 12th Sept 2019.

LT Ranch @ the UAL Summer Show 2019

The LT Ranch X session catalogue will show this year at UAL MA Interior & Spatial Design Summer Show opening this eveing the 6th Sept- 12 Sept.
With thanks to the Course Leader, Amritt Flora. Also Aaron McPeake, Anna Baranowska and Julia Dwyer for their support for this session.

The Session catalogue, with layouts of projects by participants is making its 'proof' edition debut.
Archival material and edited with the help of Jeffrey Adjei and Declan Ralph. Many thank you's.

We hope to have the final catalogue printed soon in a limited edition for now, with thanks to UAL MAISD and UCA Canterbury School of Architecture.

Thank you to the Print Bureau @ UCA Canterbury for their support for this exhibition.

Composition 1960 #2 an homage- Le Monte Young

In the many hours spent around the fire over these years, listening to it, watching to it, playing with the heat for cooking various sorts of foods, and for many a chilly evenings- sitting ever closer to it or further from it depending on the weather, suddenly coming upon the BBC's  programme of 'Tones, Drones and Arpeggios: the Magic of Minimalism. Series 1:1: California' exploring the 'prophets without honour' : Le Monte Young and Terry Riley.

This piece Composition 1960 #2 seems to have been played and recorded in New York
then another time in Moscow:

The score is from the former link above.

We hope we can play/compose a movement this summer during this year's Summer Session.

If we manage this one it would be our third musical/sonic recording from the Ranch:
Composition 2015 #1
Composition 2018 #1 the air intake thrust of the kilns, especially Marc 3
Composition 2019 #1 attempt to record the sound emitted from the Roof House welded brackets in April 2019- didn't take but resonates, the season and wind coincided, in July the wind moves differently. Will be patient for next April.
Composition 2019 #2 (in hope of recording July 2019 to share.)

X Year Anniversary + Summer Session Dates 2019

Preparations have begun for this years Summer Session and other plans for marking this X year moment. Who would have thought we would be counting, so a year give or take is just fine. In the grand scheme of things we were not the first roaming this landscape, and the flora and fauna roam regardless in their own public spatial meanderings...
This years dates are approx 18-28 July.
Please get in touch if anyone is in the neighbourhood and would like to drop by.

The Ranch 18 Summer Session catalogue : Cooking the Landscape

Our Summer Session 2018 catalogue is now ready for printing. Thank you everyone for their contributions, films (slow and fast), patient editing checks and careful selection from a wealth of images and films to put this year's 'proof' of the 'cooking' going on in the landscape this year. Links for the filmic are in the catalogue pages.

We are getting ready to mark our 10th anniversary next year 2019. We hope to exhibit, make a book, invite past participants to contribute...go down to the pub for a pint at least.

For a printed copy please go here.

With best wishes, Kristina & co.

Summer Session 2018 catalogue launch V1

We have been kindly given a space at UAL's MA ISD 
end of year show to show the first views of our 
Summer Session 2018 catalogue. 

Opening this Friday 6-9pm | 7 Sept.

Summer Session 2018

20-28 July
Stučiai, Lithuania