Exhibition: Object as Measure | barn 2 B: fieldwork & meanwhile

1. FILM: 3d Scanning & tablet (short edit)
        Produced & directed by ScanLAB Projects
        Collective film footage
1a. Tablet APP (free from iTunes)

2. LABELLING: working drawings

3. FILM: 'unwrapping the corpse' 
        (RNc, RNf, RNg)
        w/ Studio Columba


5. RNc: 'Taking Barnie for a walk'
        Gabor Stark

  'Taking the barn for a walk', Gabor Stark

The artefacts collected for this exhibition were meanwhile events in the process of waiting for summer to arrive and the start of the project 'Walking the Wood' aka 'Barn 2 B'. The scanning documentation was lying wait for the summer move: the barn timbers had been tagged. Meanwhile 3 purlins were packaged up and sent to London via the man with the van and gifted to Gabor Stark (RNc), Colin Priest (Studio Columba- RNg) and Rob Nice (RNf) and a box of fragments (RNb+) to Sabina Kotov. Sabina's piece as far as I know either sits in her barn, or was burned as part of lawn picnic (MI, USA), Rob's piece sits in his back garden still wrapped (Canterbury), Colin's piece sits as far as I know on his balcony facing the Olympic Park in East London. Gabor's piece was conceived to be cut into equal sections, put on thin elegant legs and taken for a walk initially along the beach of Whitstable as a stop frame animation, inspiring the title 'walking the wood' and since has become a series of ear pieces for his landscape walk at East Kent Railway 'The Friendly Army' commissioned by Dover Arts Development (DAD).