Barn 2 B- walking the wood

We began to assemble the barn in August (Phase 2). Carefully placing of foundations stones on the prepared foundations, laying the first layer of timbers from the relocated barn by hand, lifting from the prepared piles and manoeuvering to fit, measuring the overall dimensions to set this first layer of timbers square.
To everyone's surprise we could use almost all of the timber, wood which one could no longer find in the surrounding forest. The girth and form a long ago memory of past forests.

By the middle of November (Phase 4), we reached the end of re-usable of materials. New roof joists needed to be sourced and a trip to the woods was called for to look for straight 9m long members.

We hope to source a local shingle maker to prepare the roof cover for us, inserting a row of transparent off the shelf material to allow light into this new re-adapted space, and have been able to make our own Canadian/American folded transparent ridge 'pole barn' detail.
The aim for this space is intentionally flexible though initially it would form a covered facility for the Summer Workshop sessions- tool workshop, film events, talks, sleeping, a studio for future residencies and perhaps the odd disco (maybe kidding- maybe not), and even maybe the best phone reception hotspot of the whole Ranch site.

We hope to be able to finish and inhabit this space for the Summer Session 2015.