the LT Summer Session 2017: studios in the landscape

This year's summer session was punctuated by a multitude of daily weather patterns that kept the workspaces and makers trotting around the landscape.
Carrier boxes of tools and materials, mobile collections of artefacts moved from location to location, carpets of plastic sheets appeared and disappeared as did some well intentioned tent covers. As rainbows passed and deposited gold pots in far away horizons, the skies dispersed the colour into weighty blankets of tones in cyclical rotation.
The following images are a collection of these temporal studio spaces in the Ranch landscape this year, paradoxically mostly captured during sunny spells. These craftspaces document early iterations and experimentation of projects.
The catalogue is a work in progress at the moment, where projects will be presented by the makers themselves. These temporary studios may appear, but then may remain fleeting glimpses of processes of behind the scenes fragments.
The cinematic moments will be have links in the catalogue, and we hope to launch this year's events at the UAL MA ISD Graduation Show in early Sept 2017.

But first a group shot....
Left to right: Lucy Jones, Charlotte Crocker, Richard Ford, Ken Wilder, Kristina Kotov, Luna Ozbek, Nathan Back-Chamness, Stasys Skliaustis, Athina Leontiou, Clinton Olajide, Emily Legg, Adrienne Bennie, Faezeh Fahti, Jeffrey Adjei, Piera Dencker-Rasmussen, Ziad El-Sharkaoui


Images top to bottom (all titles are working titles):

the backpackers seed dress, the dark side of fairytales and traces: Charlotte Crocker 
disorientation of the non functioning, returning uses via social memory | the tree house & sauna : Clinton Olajide
deconstructing the homeless trolley | re-constructing the sleigh: mystery of archaeology : Adrienne Bennie
a bridge over water: the link between the barns | a pairing for the yurt : Emily Legg
landscape archaeology | topiary : Faezeh Fahti
threaded mapping | horizontal-vertical | something real in something virtual : Piera Dencker-Rasmussen
a bird house | 3 flats + 1 ensuite : Lucy Jones
the studio as zone of influence : beneath the artificial evergreens - beneath the non-artificial apple tree : Ziad El-Sarkaoui
the geology of stone powder Rev A : Faezeh Fahti (the alchemist)
the roof house 2017 : Richard Ford, Nathan Back Chamness, Faezeh Fahti, Stasys Skliaustis
a tiny boat crossing the Atlantic | restrained movement | a performative ritualised transfer : Luna Ozbek