Composition 1960 #2 an homage- Le Monte Young

In the many hours spent around the fire over these years, listening to it, watching to it, playing with the heat for cooking various sorts of foods, and for many a chilly evenings- sitting ever closer to it or further from it depending on the weather, suddenly coming upon the BBC's  programme of 'Tones, Drones and Arpeggios: the Magic of Minimalism. Series 1:1: California' exploring the 'prophets without honour' : Le Monte Young and Terry Riley.

This piece Composition 1960 #2 seems to have been played and recorded in New York
then another time in Moscow:

The score is from the former link above.

We hope we can play/compose a movement this summer during this year's Summer Session.

If we manage this one it would be our third musical/sonic recording from the Ranch:
Composition 2015 #1
Composition 2018 #1 the air intake thrust of the kilns, especially Marc 3
Composition 2019 #1 attempt to record the sound emitted from the Roof House welded brackets in April 2019- didn't take but resonates, the season and wind coincided, in July the wind moves differently. Will be patient for next April.
Composition 2019 #2 (in hope of recording July 2019 to share.)