Ranch Summer 2020_Dialogues no3

Back in Nov/Dec 2019, we were optimistic about this summer, plans were being made, dates configured, the beavers were beavering, reinstating waterways if small after wreaking havoc to the water levels in the hamlet during the fall /winter. Conversations about the ground maintenance, clearing the stream, the sudden growth of a fledgling forest.
A great team was coming together, veterans with welcomed new protagonists.

Winter was again a light affair. The crippling cold was missed, the ecosystem being monitored to the effects of how this missed frozen sterilisation would shift the habitat.

By February, there were clues cast that we may not be travelling physically this summer, but perhaps we move forward to see how we may develop our own landscapes where ever we are.

Meeting 3: Great to see everyone!
Apologies received from Fay Fahti, Declan Ralph, Chayada Dissataporn, Vilius Jokubaitis, Jacob Hedge
With this series of conversations, we are able to chat, share, imagine, listen, tell stories, share online documentation with the idea of developing parallel narratives from our personal landscapes. We hope to share a week of more focussed events during the original dates of the Ranch 2020 Summer Session 18-26 July.

Please let us know if anyone would like to join for an event during this time frame.
More information to follow here, and/or on our Instagram @lt_ranch_space