the Pirate, Nathan Back-Chamness LTRSS2015

In wondering how to progress or mark this years summer, restrictions on travel from various starting positions and destination, we are taking a break from a weekly event to run a few developing sessions. We started with one conversation the 25th July, with various updates and introductions followed by the 15th Aug.

We are kindly able to show last years catalogue with some artefacts at the Tauragnu Regional Museum with generous curatorial input from Daiva & Inga (artefacts and matter), Stasys, Gabor and other Ranch protagonists. 

Meanwhile, I feverishly(sic) work with the landscape uncovering last year's works during our online/on site collaboration, checking up on the cherry tree (Charissa), Meg's 'tylweth teg' (those I have found so far), sonic landscapes, Rachel's 'Space Garden', and other landscape moments which exist as thoughts and memories within the pages of the 2020 catalogue and update of the X Ranch compilation. Lovely to catch up with everyone from various years of summer session as well as projects and meanwhile moments. Look forward to seeing everyone plus apologies on the 15th Aug.

left to right: Kristina: Stučiai, LT
Niall Healy, Charissa Turner, 
Nicola Tsioupra: UK
Nattanit Egsangul, Bankgok
Jeffrey Adjei, Lagos
Annemarie Piscaer, Rotterdam
Diya Seepaul, Slough
Chayada Dissataporn, London