sculpting for water

As we discovered with the Summer School event, the water table had dropped significantly during the summer months. The local water dowser with Y-shaped twig, who lives at the bustop was called in to find a new source.

'A Y- or L-shaped twig or rod, called a dowsing rod, divining rod (Latin: virgula divina or baculus divinatorius) or witching rod is sometimes used during dowsing, although some dowsers use other equipment or no equipment at all...Soviet geologists have made claims for the abilities of dowsers,[17] which are difficult to account for in terms of the reception of normal sensory cues. Some authors suggest that these abilities may be explained by postulating human sensitivity to small magnetic field gradient changes.[18][19][20] wikipedia 'dowsing'

17 concrete rings were delivered. 2 well-diggers set about sculpting the required diameter holes, lowering the rings one at a time over the center of the divine position.

1 hand-made welded tool to scrape soil from under the ring
1 flat metal bar for setting one concrete ring above the other- flush
1 bucket to raise the dug soil to horizon level.