bollywood tunnel

the piles of found/collected materials needed some care and cover from weathering. Piling projects had been discussed, but some of the more sensitive materials were up til now left exposed. A redistribution of found materials was needed as the local council and residence had been making hints to clear and make neat. Janice and I arrived to build a barrel vaulted polytunnel type structure for these materials with adjustments to the shell cover, using a non-transparent sheet rather than clear as it is not intended for now as a plant house. It snowed, rained, cleared, warmed and froze again as we attempted to adjust remotely designed methods to suit the site conditions. What began as a 2x8m structure, became a 4.5x8m structure with a semi-transparent cover, lashed, cable tied, taped, wedged, bullied and cajoled; roped down. Activity was enhanced by delicious stews, excellent Bulgarian and local-ish wine, egg colouring at the neighbours using both traditional batik-resist techniques as well as new techniques involving old socks, silk ties, local flora, onion skins, thread, beezwax, and handmade tools for application. We almost finished the bollytunnel house for wood. It is water-tight, although the next months will test its wind-resistance and fixing details.
(lighting provided by: full moon Day 4)