barn 2 b : survey & document / matavimas + dokumentas : planšetė

This is the tablet app, constructed, programmed and designed by ScanLAB Projects for the Barn 2 B from scanned information: Nov 2012. It is bilingual, containing an index of 6 chapters:

_IN: Introduction + Map
_DS: Drawing Set
(2d architectural drawings)
_AX: Axo build up 
(proposed disassembly sequence)
_SS: Section Sliders
(3d interactive sections revealing the interior of the barn)
_LS: Labelling Set
(individually annotated material 2d mapping: sections, plans, elevations)
_JS: Junction Set 
(rotating 3d drawings of complex junctions of the barn)

'Handheld and migratory, this tablet is a prototype, initially intended to test this method of surveying and containing the context of this ethnographically relevant barn. It is now an archive of this remote site and intention, engaging with this format to reference the barn in the meanwhile (weathering processes and dismantling) to assist during its reassembly. This mapping travels as a hand-held object, swiped, tapped and interrogated with the eye, haptically referencing the drawn clouds of Barn 2 B.

Šis dokumentas yra prototipas. Programuotas metodas skirtas fiksuoti  matmenis, konstrukcijas ir dabartini conteksta, pridėti aprašymus ir aktyviai susipažint su kluono etnografija. Archyvas yra patalpinta planšetėje todėl ja patogu naudotis betkokiomis sąlygomis. Šiuo atveju, išardžius kluoną, planšetė bus tarsižemėlapis’, kurį  palietus ar pabraukus galime pamatyti, kaip atrodo (ir atrodė lapkričio mėn. 2012) kiekvienas mazgas ar detalė erdvėje.' (excerpt from the tablet: 'About')