Ranch Summer Session 2013

photo by S Jeong
These images are the in between moments, attempts of capturing the spontaneity of the week; waiting for lunch, resting, assisting, testing almost finished interventions: the performance-ing of the everyday.
Places and projects were fabricated and re-fabricated, created and destroyed weaving sites and uses from previous summer sessions (steps, Sam 2012). This year added layers to new spaces in the hinterland of the Ranch site, engaging with mirth and some cases slight surprise of local inhabitants as we did a drive-by in the blue limousine.
The telling of stories whilst reading maps, en route to landscape thresholds with the door (Xin Wan), negotiating drill bits, cooking rota's, riding the bicycle film device, intersected other temporal cycles, shopping for food and material expeditions. Ramadan began on the Tuesday accenting rhythms of sunrise and sunset into the daily occurrences and events.

Thank you to all who participated, helped and supported and made this session such a success and unique in its collectiveness of pre-occupation. The barn summer shower was christened this year, a lost camera was miraculously found (as well as a needle in a haystack), and paint nearly dried.

Much more can be said, though the catalogue (produced and edited by those who participated) will contain the texts, sequences and film stills, enabling the various narratives of the works to appear. We hope to launch the catalogue at the End of year show at UAL; Chelsea College of Art & Design on the 6th Sept along with other documentation. All welcome.
waiting for the door to return: Jerry, Janice. (photo by Jerry's camera)

Xin Wan: removing the door: site 2.  Xin, Jackie, Kristina, Jerry (Photo from Xin's camera)

Jialing Li: firing the light holders made from local red clay,  (photo J Ling)
Jerry & Jackie: Immaterial Tectonics: the inhabited scale. Jackie, Jerry, Kristina, Jiri (photo by J. Shales)
lunch-dance: Mengjie, Jerry, Van, Yun, Jialing (Photo by J Li)
Yang Bai: the treehouse: Can you see me? Jiri (Photo by Y.Bai)
Mirella, Yun, Stasys, Bari, Edvinas, Ieva, Jiri: stair (Jerry's camera)

Jerry & Jackie: tripod (Photo by?)
Jacqueline Hu: framing Janice. (photo by Jerry's camera)
Mengjie Liu; protoype pillow for the white line. (photo by M.Liu)

(All images are attributed to cameras/phones used to capture these spontaneous events, though these changed hands regularly and authors and captured images may differ. Apologies for this; any one of the 13++ are the authors, promise...)