Barn 2B is very present indeed

The Barn 2b project began, in theory, with the dismantling of Barn 2 in 2008 with Tom Gallant, Thijs Ewalts and Annemarie Piscaer, deliberately without the use of mechanical support.
Since beginning the relocation of this Barn 2 B, in the summer of 2014, it now has a new roof. Capped and for all intents and purposes safe now from weathering, the sleeping giant can begin to properly dry out over the winter months. The new shingle roof was completed a few weeks ago (August 2015).

Thank you to everyone who sponsored, crowd funded, supported in kind and worked on the project over these years.

A laser etched acrylic sponsor 'page' of everyone involved over the years was kindly fabricated by FABlab at UCA Canterbury, hung inside under the light strips, catching the afternoon sun.