An homage to ASLP by John Cage 'As SLow A Possible'

Thanks to Irene (Wang Liu), I had an opportunity to extend her sonic accompaniment of her food events (making, preparing, eating) during the Summer Session 2015 to string her hemp tied light containers. Each one, a different glass jar from our ever growing collection of jars both old and new at the Ranch, pickling and jam jars, hemp string tied to the apple tree at Stonehenge.
Perhaps it was the fun of hearing Martin Creed's compositions at the Southbank celebrating the restoration of the Royal Festival Hall's organ in 2014, or finding the score of 'John Baldesarri plays LeWitt' sheet music or recently visiting John Cage's ASLP in Halbestadt, Germany for the organ piece to play for 639 years from the year 2000... This particular performance is now playing its 13th note, last changed on the 5th October, 2013. The next change will be on the 5th Sept 2020.
Anyway, this little musical interlude way over states the memory of this particular visit, but it was a rather 'sublime' experience to visit a sound that will play long after we are gone, and the pickle jars seemed to still wish to be heard, having listened to us all chatting, eating, laughing, cooking and steaming food around Stonehenge, now quiet.