LT Ranch Summer Session 2015- outtakes

Some first images from this year's summer session. Performative pieces to smoking huts and smoker ovens to commentaries on mass production, as well as chatting seats, warriors in the woods, small people in large landscapes, savoury grafts in the Barn 2b and a hot pot dinner event ++.
The catalogue should appear in the first week of Sept.

burning the washing machine: Yvonne Onah
collective tower transport: repair the sleeping barn roof
the transgressor of boundaries: Helen Brewer
material choices for the 'hut': Emi, Stasys, Declan, Jiri
joints for the un-designed hut
smoker lid_2
Nathan the warrior adventurer
expandable seating maquette for chatting: Wei Wu
mass production_1/3: Tony Wang
'where were we?': Fay Fathi
locally sourced Chinese breakfast, banana pancakes ++
invitations to Irene's hot pot dinner event
platting the landscape: Annemarie
now a little bit to the right...