The Lithuanian Folk and Domestic Museum, Rumšiškės visits Stučiai

We missed mentioning a momentous occasion that occurred in April 2016. Our much cherished Barn 2 b advisor, Rasa Berta, had organised a conference with the the help of her colleague Gita Sapranauskaite and other collaborators (listed on the page spread), to include Stučių hamlet as a fieldwork stop off for the Lietuvos Liaudies ir Buities Muzejiaus conference organised for visiting both public and private vernacular elements.
Since beginning a dialogue in 2011 by way of researching our project, Rasa has been a staunch advocate of our rather ad hoc, analogue, yet in some moments highly digital processes deployed during the Barn 2 b project. 
By April 2016 we had completed the shingled roof, and were monitoring the Barn during its first winter in its new location.

As the crow flies over Stučių hamlet, news spread and the klėtis, across the road from the Ranch also was in need of an appraisal of its integrity and maintenance as a historic vernacular element of the hamlet's history. As a result, the yellow house homestead, across from the Ranch became part of the conference tour as well. Two elements in one hamlet - we were pretty chuffed.

Arrangements were made, coaches booked, kibinai (a controversial yet ultimately delicious little bun similar to the Cornish pastry) and warm soup arrived, courtesy of Rasa and colleagues, alongside about 30-35 conference participants in a coach to the hamlet. A population explosion - even if temporary.

First Chris's introduced their klėtis to assess, measure and survey, then we moved to the Barn 2 b.
An exchange of storeys, knowledge and approaches about our various buildings and histories ensued.
Hopefully it was useful for all.
A sincere thank you to all who made this event possible.