Roof House 'Shed' update Feb 2017

A light dusting of snow covered the Roof House preceded by a drop in temperatures and rain, preceded by 2 weeks of -25C temperatures. We had been able to temporarily cover the central segment of the Roof house before Christmas, re-used the roof covers- recovered from Barn 2b (its outer sheath). We all breathed a sigh of relief. The old timber standing exposed during the fall rains and snow are now having a chance to dry before we can consider re-engaging with inching towards completing the structure and saving the piles of material surrounding it. As a couple weeks ago, its looking good. The ground below is resolving to not receiving direct sunlight for the immediate to middle futures.
We can get on with developing drawings and details as the winter thaws from this central bay, designed in situ last summer with UCA Canterbury School of Architecture Part 1 graduates Declan Ralph, Richard Ford, Faezeh Fathi.

View from the 'workshop' central bay towards the Barn 2 b outdoor piazza.